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About the LMC

What is an LMC?

A Local Medical Committee (LMC) is an independent democratically elected professional representative body for local GPs, comprised of local GPs and representing the diverse interests which make up general practice. LMCs have been in existence since 1911 with statutory roles and responsibilities recognised by successive NHS Acts.

What is Mid Mersey LMC?

The Mid Mersey LMC represents all GPs (Principals, Salaried, Sessional and Registrars) in the four Place areas of Knowsley, Halton, St Helens and Warrington. The LMC was created in April 2007 by the merger of two previous LMC organisations, North Cheshire and St Helens & Knowsley, as a result of changes in local Primary Care Trust boundaries at that time.


The LMC is an independent self-financing body with statutory functions. It is not a trade union. LMCs have been in existence since 1911, and constantly modernise to work effectively with the changing NHS.


Elections are held bi-annually in line with the LMC Constitution. if you would like any further information please contact the LMC office.

Core Values

The LMC is committed to the values of:

  • Equity and Fairness
  • Openness
  • Equal opportunities
  • Representativeness – working to ensure that all advice we provide is representative of all GPs


We represent the views of GPs to a variety of bodies, most notably our four Place areas of Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington and NHS England Cheshire and Merseyside and to Local Authorities, Social Services, NHS Trusts, other contractor professions, patient representative bodies and MPs as well as national bodies such as the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA (GPC), General Medical Council (GMC), the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), local and national media.

The LMC serves as the link between local GPs and GP’s national negotiating body, the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) of the BMA. GPC policy decisions are guided and determined by the Annual Conference of LMCs at which the LMC is able to reflect local GPs’ concerns and aspirations.

Mid Mersey LMC is also represented at the BMA’s Annual Representatives Meeting where doctors from all disciplines of medicine meet to set BMA policy.

The LMC represents and advises on all matters concerning:

The LMC represents local GPs’ views nationally through the professional representative mechanisms outlined below:


The LMC regards communication between representatives and constituent GPs as essential, and is ever striving to improve this.

The LMC communicates with GPs in many ways including: 

  • Newsletters - distributed to all GPs and practice managers after LMC meetings
  • Website at www.midmerseylmc.org.uk containing news, guidance notes, and more
  • Professional meetings/seminars, conferences with key national speakers
  • Information bulletins on major issues and summaries of national guidance
  • Practice networking arrangements
  • Open meetings; surveys
  • Consultation with specific GPs
  • Telephone, email and mail

Download our LMC Information Leaflet here